You can delete your account at any time from within the app:

  1. Tap the menu icon (top-left)
  2. Tap Your Profile
  3. Tap Delete This Account at the bottom of the screen

This will close your account, delete all data within the account immediately and then delete the account itself and any login information.

If you need assistance, please contact us at: support@my-christmas-buddy.com

MyChristmasBuddy will ask you to sign in to use the app to save your requests, settings and data to the backup cloud.

You can choose Guest Mode to trial the app. But to make sure your Christmas Gift Requests and Shopping List are saved, you must sign into the app.

Without a sign-in, your settings and data will not be saved, should you delete the app, or change/lose your device.

You can resend the Gift Idea link to your contacts at any time.

-In the main screen, tap on the person you want to send another request to

-Tap on the Elf in the top right


-Choose how you want to send the link eg. Email/WhatsApp/Messenger/SMS/Social Media etc.

If you have any problems with MyChristmasBuddy you can get in touch with us at support@my-christmas-buddy.com.

But first, try rebooting your device and loading it up again.

You can also try deleting the app and reloading it … BUT ONLY IF YOU HAVE SIGNED IN using Apple ID, Google, or FACEBOOK.

See our SUPPORT page for more options.

Apps can sometimes crash or stop working. Most of the time, closing down the app completely and opening it again solves the problem.

It also helps to reboot your device regularly. This clears out cached memory and data and helps your apps load in a clean environment.

Try to reboot your device at least once a week to help it, and all the apps, run better. xx

You can add any requests you receive to your shopping list by tapping on the request in the main page. Then tapping on “Add to Shopping List”.

You can add items directly to the shopping list by tapping on the +. Then type the name of your gift request to see it in the shopping list.

Tap your Elf Buddy, in the top right, for more options.

The shopping list is your buying list. Access the shopping list from the icon in the bottom right of the main page.

You can add any requests you receive to your shopping list by tapping on the request. Then tapping on “Add to Shopping List”.

You can also add items directly to the shopping list by tapping on the + or tap your Elf Buddy, in the top right for more options.

MyChristmasBuddy is designed to help you find out what your friends and family want for Christmas.

-Tap on the + button

-Add a person from your contacts, or type in their name and details.

-Send them a request

-Wait for them to fill in their gift requests.

-Decide what to buy and add it to your Shopping List

MyChristmasBuddy is completely free to download and use without any time limits.

Unless it explicitly says otherwise, all features are free to use without time limits.

The ads within the app are there to generate the income we need to keep the app working. 

MyChristmasBuddy is a new way of building up your Christmas Gift List!

Simply add people to your list. Send them a request. And wait for them to tell you what they want for Christmas this year!

You can then choose which gift to add to your shopping list!

It’s as simple as that. 

Download for free and start your Christmas list!

Follow the instructions to log into the app. Then, to out what people want for Christmas:-

-Tap on the + to add people to your Christmas list

-Choose to add people manually or from your Contacts

-Select how you want to communicate to them (email, WhatsApp, Messenger, social media etc.)

-Send them your Christmas request!

-They will get a link to a page where they can add their Christmas Gift requests.

-You’ll be notified when they’ve sent you their requests.

-Tap on the requests to see them and add them to your Shopping Lists

Get help from our support team through the form on this website, or via support@my-christmas-buddy.com