Make Christmas a Breeze!

We all need an easier Christmas after this year!

So here’s your ChristmasBuddy to help with your Christmas gift lists!

find out what your family & friends want for Christmas! 

It couldn’t be simpler! You simply choose who you want to buy Christmas gifts for. Let MyChristmasBuddy send them a personalised message and link. And then what while they decide what they want and fill in their Christmas Gift Requests.

MyChristmasBuddy will notify you when they’ve sent you their requests. So that you can decide what to buy, check out the links, create a shopping list, and keep track of your Christmas gift list all in one place!

MyChristmasBuddy is fun, simple, and so easy to use!

How does it work? 

  1. Download the app for free. 
  2. Add your contacts (automatically from your phone book or add them yourself).-Select who you want to buy a present for.
  3. Send them a special individual link (email, social, WhatsApp, messenger etc.)
  4. They can send you ideas and links which appear in your app!
  5. Add them to your shopping list 
  6. Mark them as “bought” 
  7. Keep track of Christmas Gifts with the fun new app!

Find out what your people want for Christmas. Keep track of your Christmas Buying List this year with MyChristmasBuddy!